The Subbbace Project (TSP).Aka Dstruct.O.(Unsigned/SubbbaceRecords)

Is a Dubstep,Drumstep,Electronic music Producer & DJ from Windsor Ontario Canada.known for his heavy robotic style Beats under the name Dstruct.O.A quick google search will reveal all the pass projects under "Dstruct.O".

Only 3yrs now into dubstep wial just stepping out of the Fidget,Electro music scene,Under the name Vex.He's been able to make a name for his self in the underground EDM scene.In the few years of jumping on deck.

Dstruct.O has opened shows for many respected Producers & Dj's in the game from J.Rabbit,TerraBad,OriginalSin,Osborn to MattClarke,MikeHuckaby &
(Kero of Detroit Underground),Etc.

He has also gained respect from alote of the Detroit Dubstep ravers & the " " community for his unique dj sets/mash ups.Never skipping a beat and always makes sure faces are melted to the ground at the end of the show.

As most new age dj's go with updated styles of djing like Laptops,timecode vinyl & midi controllers.Dstruct.O prefers to stick to the pioneer cdjs+mix, Due to its standerd use in every nightclub.and its simplicity and durability.

Dstruct.O has currently started releasing new music under the new alias "TheSubbbaceProject"Taking his label name"SubbbaceRecords" which was being self ran and releasing his own music ,Physically and Digitally.But now he's hoping to expand his music to other labels willing to except his releases.

TSP is a whole new step away from his usual robtic style, wial still keeping it unique and original and filled with plenty of"HUGEBASS".At the moment he has been working hard on his first full length album under his new alias "TheSubbbaceProject" Album titled "WARBORN" which he is preparing to release on Beatport,Itunes and more.

Look out for the name,because your definitly going to hear more about him,he has been really hard at work and at some point his hard work will pay off.

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Dstruct.O / The Subbbace Project
Label: Subbbace Records Canada.

TheSubbbaceProject -Releases 2012

TheSubbbaceProject-Such A Feeling.Single.2012.SBR04
TheSubbbaceProject-Axe Soldier.Single.2012.SBR03
TheSubbbaceProject-Unatural Disaster.Single.2012.SBR02
TheSubbbaceProject-Island Flavour.Single.2012.SBR01
TheSubbbaceProject-Fuk It.Single.2012.TSP03
TheSubbbaceProject-Going Ham.Single.2012.TSP01

TSP Remixes:
Justice-Civilization(The Subbbace Project) RMX 2012
Jefferson Airplain-White Rabbit(The Subbbace Project) RMX 2012
Skrillex - Summit ft Ellie Goulding (The SubbbaceProject RMX) 2012


Dstruct.O Release 2012:
Label: Subbbace Records Canada.

Dstruct.O - System Overload.Single.2012.SBR03
SpeekrCreeps - FrEakShow (Dstruct.O Remix)2012.SBR
Central Slang-Primal Citizen-Dstruct.O RMX .2012.SBR

2010/2011 Release's

Dstruct.O-The Shredder.Single.2011.SRB01
Dstruct.O & RollzRoyze-We Go Hard.Single.2011.SBR
Dstruct.O - The Mummy.Single.SBR
Dstruct.O - Destruction Of Unicron.Single.2011.SBR
Dstruct.O ft Central Slang - Dubcity Mosh.Single.2011.SBR
Dstruct.O-The Other Kind.Single.2011.SBR
Dstruct.O - Godzilla.Single.2010.SBR
Dstruct.O-The Bass Monster.Single.2010.SBR

More Dstruct.O Remix's

NoiseControllers-Ctrl.alt.del(Dstruct.O RMX).2010
Skrillex-Scary Monsters&Nice Sprites(Dstruct.O RMX).2011
SlipKnot - Sulfur (Dstruct.O Drumstep RMX).2010
A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies like Sheep (Dstruct.O) RMX.2010
Central slang-Power Trip (Dstruct.O Remix).2010

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Trackitdown Recommendations

The Subbbace Project-Orchastraded was recently recommended by Trackitdown.See link below .

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Subbbace Project-Count Four (OutSoon)

Out Aug 3rd .add email to the side for updates to your email the day of release and other great news

Monday, July 2, 2012

Get all 3 new singles out now on beatport.

Click link below to get the lastest releases by "The Subbbace Project" on Beatport .

Saturday, June 23, 2012

SubbbaceRadio Episode02 (Dstruct.O/TSP) Dubstep Mix

SubbbaceRadio Episode02 (Dstruct.O/TSP) Dubstep Mix


1.We Bang- WarMachine ft.Natty Freq
2.LDZ & Matta ft.Stig- TheDumpPressure (Ruckspin&Medison RMX)
3.The Subbbace Project-Mechannibalized
4.Brain Pain-Come Closer
5.Callan Maart-Threes&Fours
6.Nebulous & Skorpion - Powerhouse
7.Northern lights-Unfinished Business
8.The Subbbace Project-Fly
10.Bold Equation - End of the World
11.Notixx - Modern Conspiracy
12.Camo & Krooked-Hot Pursuit (Coma RMX)
13.Explosive B - To Get A Star
14.Grayd House-Revolt
16.Noya Haterade
19.Six Of Lazers - They will see me
20.Static Function - Singularity
21.Krew - Space Invaders (Balkansky RMX)